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Good Design is the ‘Art of Living’

Kathy Gurski

Allied Member ASID

American Society of Interior Designers

Member NKBA

National Kitchen & Bath Association

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Products - Especially

Selected For You

A special clay from Shigaraki Japan, known for it's unique clay properties

is used to make this wonderful cistern water pot spout. The clay produces

negative ions for a relaxing environment.

This cistern like pot can be piped for an interior or exterior spout to fill a

tub, pond, garden, or other water feature.

The glaze is a rich, regal, red with purple subtle accents on this

12"Dx12"H pot with approx 8"x3" spout.

THINK OF THE POSIBIITIES! Other products available.

For interest-please call Kathy at Kathy Gurski Design LLC  Ph 808-396-6668  

SPECIAL SELECTION- Shigaraki Japan Cistern Water Pot Spout


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To hire, there are fees for Design, with Products, then specially priced to save and Coordination fees to completion.

For assistance, questions or to make an appointment — please call the Office.   

Ph (808) 396-6668.

Bus Hrs M-F 9am - 5pm.

- Chosen Items to Enhance Your Living and Available through Kathy Gurski Design LLC

  1. Looking Glass / Mirrors

  2. Grab Bars, Showerseats  . . .

  3. Special Selection Art Work

  4. Special Selection Shigaraki Japan Cistern Water Pot Spout

  5. Special Selection Carpet

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