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Good Design is the ‘Art of Living’

Kathy Gurski

Allied Member ASID

American Society of Interior Designers

Member NKBA

National Kitchen & Bath Association

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Items are “Special Order” only.  There are no cancellations, refunds or returns. 

To hire, there are fees for Design, with Products, then specially priced to save and Coordination fees to completion.

For assistance, questions or to make an appointment — please call the Office.   

Ph (808) 396-6668.

Bus Hrs M-F 9am - 5pm.

- Chosen Items to Enhance Your Living and Available through Kathy Gurski Design LLC

  1. Looking Glass / Mirrors

  2. Grab Bars, Showerseats  . . .

  3. Special Selection Art Work

  4. Special Selection Shigaraki Japan Cistern Water Pot Spout

  5. Special Selection Carpet

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Special Selection – Carpet

Quality carpet and padding for a fresh change to your interior spaces.



GRID – A quality tone-on-tone, textured plush for a clean modern background for many an interior from

      Modern to Asian.

A Khaki

B Shore

C Onion Skin

LEAF – A plush, tone-on-tone, natural pattern to enhance many a style.

D Mist

E Beech

F Blush

TEXTURED – A modern, subtle 3-color textured loop for a firmer background to set the stage for a lot of living.

G Natural / Wheat / Grey

H Natural / Deep Taupe / Grey

I   Natural / Rust / Sage

TIGHT TWIST LOOSE LOOP – Gives a single tone texture for good wear for many a room.

J Almond

K Sand


TWIST -  A durable, single toned texture for a range of styles.

M Alabaster

N Champagne


For Interest – Please Inquire.

Thank You for Your Consideration to use my design services and products!

VELVET – A luxurious plush for many a fresh background at a wonderful value.

VA   GreenTeaLeaf       

VB   Soft Taupe     

VC   Sandy Beach

VA   GreenTeaLeaf       

VB   Soft Taupe     

VC   Sandy Beach