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Good Design is the ‘Art of Living’

Home, Hospitality or Business

Good Design to Enjoy

   -Your Own ‘Art of Living’

Kathy Gurski

Allied Member ASID

American Society of Interior Designers

Member NKBA

National Kitchen & Bath Association

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To hire, there are fees for Design, with Products, then specially priced to save and Coordination fees to completion.

For assistance, questions or to make an appointment — please call the Office.   

Ph (808) 396-6668.

Bus Hrs M-F 9am - 5pm.

DESIGN for any living environment, Home or Away, affects us greatly ‘from infancy – through life’s stages – to, possible, Special Care.’  There is a choice of how well we use our environments or let them just happen to us.  This is why it is especially important to not merely embellish, but ‘to plan for result’ – ‘to design’ – and achieve greater value for any environment.

Does the baby’s space encourage security, mind stimulation and playfulness – in safety?  Is there adequate work space in the kitchen to not stress, but enjoy preparing and sharing meals together – in safety? Are doors and hallways wide enough for crutches or a wheelchair?  What is it about that interesting and special place, where you are repeatedly drawn to vacation, to enjoy its unique quality – in safety?  Why is it that some homes have that certain look or feel and also sell faster at a better value to both buyer and seller?  Have you ever considered how to achieve that special celebration, let alone, make it fabulous, have more meaning or focus?  The answers to many such questions are in the design of that living environment.  A design choice is so much more than what you happen to like – you can like many things for many reasons, nor is it the least or even most expensive.  There are many possibilities and much from which to choose, from the very simple to the more unique.  It may be from what you have, a fabulous find, come from around the world, be adapted or made just for you, but chosen for Your Living and results.  Good Design is the ‘Art of Living’.

STAGING, although temporary and for mass appeal, is the knowledgeable art of presenting your real estate in a better, more valuable state for the mutual benefit of the seller and buyer.

As a seller, there is greater value to present a finished product to see what buyers may never be able to see.  As a buyer, you receive a clean package from where you can begin to enjoy your property.  A bit of planning goes a long way.

SPECIAL EVENT SETTINGS for temporary splendor, wonder or fun are actually environments designed, specifically, for a particularly special occasion.  Within a public space as a hotel, private as a home or elsewhere, a whole new creative vision can be formed to make your own.

Weddings are especially a time to want something more meaningful to the couple; perhaps even a furnishing for the wedding can find its place into the new home.

We work hard and often want a reward celebration for birthday or event celebration – a special environment especially set for the occasion can create a memory of a lifetime.

GOOD DESIGN for any living environment involves much of the same – choices made for effective planning of functions with its own special appeal – in safety – for the welfare of its users.  While concerns are similar, each project is unique unto itself and requires its own evaluation and focus for its own results.  Design solutions grow out of the input from the Client, type of space, requirements and concept formed.

Whether planning for ‘wow’, to relax or calm, to bring people to a space, move them through it or linger for the experience, stimulate the mind or easily perform tasks, I find creative solutions bring a special uniqueness to a project.

CREATIVITY adds a fresh vision: through unexpected effective use of color, introducing new products, it helps to solve problems and can even guide how you spend your budget.  Choices build upon each other for wise spending and successful results.

COMMUNICATION is vital to achieve expected or greater success.  As Designer and creative problem solver, I consider things of which Clients may not be aware, to add, simplify and enhance a range of living environments.  Whether for Home, Hospitality, Business, Staging or Special Event Settings, it is interesting to Me and for Clients, to see what develops next.

EDUCATION is an ongoing process.  A Bachelor of Fine Arts in Interior/Environmental Design formed a foundation, while seminars, conferences, and educational materials build continued awareness of the growth of knowledge and practical work brings my creative abilities to many types of projects.

MY WORK has allowed me to enjoy a variety of people, styles, budgets, type and size of projects for an enriched experience for future work.

Some projects included: houses, condominiums, studios, offices, shops, resort living, lobbies, model units, units for terminally ill, shelter for homeless, a temporary restaurant/activities center, special event environments.  Also consult for surface materials – primarily for hospitality.

Projects have been published in magazine and newspaper features. My writing has also been published in magazine features and newspaper columns. I have given seminars on different topics in the area of interior design. I was the featured guest on the Hawaii Olelo TV show “Post Polio and Me” in August 2009 to discuss ‘Our Nurturing Living Environment’ with special regard to special needs.

My continued writing can be found in   * ARTICLES

MY BUSINESS allows me to seek the best results within a Client’s guidelines and budget.  This process has 3 areas of work:

    -Design is the planning for solutions, selections of materials, fixtures and furnishings, as per Client needs, either all or in part.        

     Proper planning is vital.

    -Merchandise is available from all over the world.  Products can include: carpet, other flooring, finish materials, wallcovering,        

     window treatments, fixtures, furniture, lighting, art and accessories, whether to finished details or anyone of these items. 

     Items are well priced and fill the design plan.

    -Completion is the coordination of design choices and labor to see the planned results.

   These 3 areas are a full service I can provide. Hourly/Fee charges are based on scope of work.  It is best to call early on in a

   project, whether working on your own, with an architect or contractor, so decisions can be refined early in the process.

    Today’s designer is not a mere luxury, but a valuable choice to actually save money, by avoiding costly mistakes,

  making valuable choices, combined with well-priced merchandise.

CLIENT COMMENTS have expressed working with a professional designer to be a rewarding experience.  Some have been “You’re so creative… patient… smart… you care… you figure things out.”  “You are good at that – taking a flaw and make it something good.” “You took your time to see results were what I wanted.”  “She made my dreams come true.”  “I couldn’t have done it without You.”


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