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Kathy Gurski

Allied Member ASID

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Member NKBA

National Kitchen & Bath Association

MODERN ENGLISH COUNTRY KITCHEN takes in more than cooking with casual elegant dining and bar service next to area for entertainment. The mix of richly selected textured granite counter and table tops increase the function and enhance the design.  When Modern meets English Country - a personal style is created. Expanded newly designed windows enhance the style and open function to lanai. A faux window brings light and interest to a corner. Warm yet clean-lined glazed cabinets are further brought charm with sculpted accent pulls and topped with a whimsical English garden.

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Bus Hrs M-F 9am - 5pm.

Service to Lanai

Dining and Bar Areas

Faux Window

- Residential and Commercial Interior / Environmental Design for new or existing, remodeling, 

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